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Chimney caps, bird guards and chimney cowls

Around 80% of heat in a single room can be lost and at least 35 litres of water comes down a chimney each year. Chimney caps are the quickest and simplest way to seal a disused chimney and protect it for future use. Barford Chimneys supply and fit chimney caps and other essentials in Ascot, Maidenhead, Henley, Windsor, Cookham, Marlow and all surrounding areas.

Why choose chimney cowls?

Whether you are having problems with down draught or up draught, a chimney cowl will increase the pull on the chimney for better extraction of the smoke and fumes that chimneys bring. Alternatively you could have the chimney pot extended, our chimney specialists will advise you appropriately so you can make an informed decision.

Birds nesting in your chimney?

Bird Guards are used if you are having problems with birds nesting; as they almost always come back we recommend you choose us to install durable bird guards for your home in Bracknell.

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